Workshop ‘Woman with Spirit in Business’®

Are you a driven female professional who enjoys live to the fullest? Who dares to look beyond borders with a curious eye? Do you want to take charge of your own work and life with more guts? Then it’s time for your next step!

Do you recognize this?

  • You work hard, you’re a go getter and take a lot of responsibilities
  • Because of your enthusiasm you sometimes overload your agenda
  • You want a change but don’t know exactly the direction

  • You don’t want to fail or disappoint others

  • You’re longing for peace of mind, reflection and vitality


It is becoming increasingly difficult in this rapidly changing world to work and live based on your own values and choices. That’s why investing in your personal and professional development is necessary. This keeps you strong and vital. Good for you, good for your environment.



The workshop is deepening,  interactive and creative. I work with family constellations, storytelling and a training actress. The goal is to become aware of your behavioral patterns and internal saboteurs for change. After this you’ll focus on concrete steps in your personal and professional life.

join the 3-day workshop ‘woman with spirit in business’

6, 7 & 8 February  2023
5, 6 & 7 April 2023
€ 800,- ( excluded accomodation & lunch)
Location: Klooster Nieuwkerk, Goirle
or on request



The results

  • You know yourself on a deeper level and can therefore make powerful choices

  • You are directing your ambition and therefore attract work that really suits you
  • You dare to set boundaries
  • You can curb your perfectionism

  • You experience peace of mind, space and vitality

How woman experienced the workshop

Margot ( October 2022) : Yvonne knows how to create an atmosphere of trust that made it easy for us to learn in depth and with speed. We started by telling our biography, followed by systemic exercises. This 3-day has given me a lot of self-insight and concrete tools, I wish this experience for every woman who wants to invest in herself’

Serena (January 2022);’ Yvonne is a very experienced and warm trainer. I did the training in January and still think about it almost every day. The training taught me a lot about myself, for example by paying more attention to my own limits. We also practiced this with a training actress, very instructive. Yvonne has the special gift to create a safe atmosphere in a short time.

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